About Us

FoldErGo started out as a vision of Founder/CEO George Cseh:

“I’ve always loved the safe, comfortable feeling of riding a bike but it simply wasn’t practical for my on-the-go lifestyle due to its bulky size.
As scooters are more travel-friendly for taking on buses or trains, throwing in a car or stashing under my desk, I test-rode a bunch of them. But I never got that “in control” feeling that I had on the bike, especially when it came to riding on busy streets.

Determined to combine the safe feeling of a bike with versatility of a scooter, I came up with FoldErGo. Now when I’m scooting around town, I feel as safe as if I were riding a bike. Once I get to the office, I simply fold ‘er up and tuck it under my desk. It truly is the Next Generation Scooter.”


Our Team

George Cseh
Founder & CEO

George has founded many companies, as well as successfully mentored and helped develop startups. His experience is wide ranging from marketing and sales to product management and business development in the IT industry. He’s worked for companies based around the world from Canada to Europe.

Raymond Elvedi
Co-Founder & Business Development

Raymond is a results oriented Executive with extensive international work experience in Business Development and Start-Up Management. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University and has helped to develop various businesses around the world.

Mike Varga
Head Designer

Mike has 10 years of extensive experience in detailed bike designing, to include utilitarian designs such as cargo bikes/accessories and bike-sharing system design. His designs are created to be both functional and minimalistic, with strong emphasis on simple mechanical solutions.

Peter Gula
Head of Engineering

Peter’s 10 years of experience as mechanical engineer in the bike industry (specializing in utility vehicles) is put to full use in FoldErGo areas of design, quality control, component integration, testing and implementation of full serial production.

Joe Riesz
Electronics Engineer

Joe’s experience in e-bike development is wide-ranging from designing electronic support systems for bike sharing systems to development of its electronics, programming and hardware. He’s also our guy for IT infrastructure support.

Bernard Gara
Process Quality Engineer

Bernard is experienced in optimization and manufacturing processes of bikes and other mechanical structures. His very thorough approach will assure reliable top quality in the manufacturing of FoldErGo scooters.

Andrea Varga
Marketing Manager

Andrea has worked mainly in the consumer product industry. Her talents include managing online marketing and PR programs as well as creating and running after-sales support systems.

Christine Vardaros
Copywriter & Advisor

With 25 years of experience in the bike industry, Christine is our ideal choice for helping to develop our FoldErGo into a well-deserved household name. Did we mention that her 20 years as a pro cyclist surely comes in handy when spec’ing components and nailing that ultimate riding experience?

Sonia Mokdad
Social media and communications manager

Sonia has been working in the startup scene for the last 5 years. She started out as a linguist and is now a specialist in digital marketing tools and how to implement them within communications and customer journeys.


FoldErGo is working in cooperation with Hiventures, a Hungarian state-owned venture capital company. While it is a rather young company, only Founded in 2017, it has already developed a solid reputation. Dow Jones has placed Hiventures in first place among European investors, while startup database Crunchbase has ranked Hiventures third in the most active seed investor category.


Basic prototype: 2017
Foldergo Ltd is established: 2018
FoldErGo Alpha V1: 2019 Q1
FoldErGo Alpha V2: 2019 Q4

Quality assurance

Alpha V1 prototypes: functional tests & analysis
Alpha V2 prototypes: functional tests & analysis
Computer-based simulations: using finite element method
Final thorough tests and analysis before serial manufacturing
Quality assurance protocol: strict quality control throughout every step of manufacturing – from pre- to post-production to ensure for standards conformity
Continued quality assurance through physical static testing and dynamic testing