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Discover your dream scooter 821 753 FoldErGo

Discover your dream scooter

Love the thought of hopping on a scooter but just can’t figure out which is best for you? With a few insider tips, learn exactly what to look for. Commuting? A lightweight,…

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Foldergo scooter before tram
Be smart. Invest in a scooter. 1024 727 FoldErGo

Be smart. Invest in a scooter.

While it may be a blast to kick around town on a scooter – feeling the wind in your hair while your worries quickly melt away, there are a plethora…

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Foldergo award 2020
ANSYNC Award – 04/12/2020 980 551 FoldErGo

ANSYNC Award – 04/12/2020

Exciting news! FoldErGo was just presented with the prestigious “Ready for Realization” award by California-based ANSYNC Labs – a multi-discipline engineering firm that specializes in product realization. “ANSYNC chose FoldErGo among…

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On our way to Perfection…piece by piece 600 285 FoldErGo

On our way to Perfection…piece by piece

We just submitted our (hopefully) final design for the ultimate hinge that’s beautifully designed, easy to use and ultra-safe. Once we receive this key component next week, we’ll quickly build…

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Wheel 1000x675
Did you know? 1000 675 FoldErGo

Did you know?

The transportation industry in the middle of a full turnaround, especially for commuting! We started off with whole entire automobiles to transport one single person. We’ve then moved on to…

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20200622 164931 2 980x629
How Foldergo project came to life 980 629 FoldErGo

How Foldergo project came to life

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel” – as the saying goes. We, the founders at FoldErGo, have firmly believed in this sentiment for as long as we can remember. This…

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Csik 980x517
The Future of E-scooters 980 517 FoldErGo

The Future of E-scooters

E-scooters have steadily been taking over our streets all over the world. With 90 million e-scooter (shared) rides reported in 2019, it has already proven itself as a solid addition to…

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Reszlet fekvo01 980x653
E-Drive Testing Starts 980 653 FoldErGo

E-Drive Testing Starts

We are now in the process of carefully hand-selecting each component of our electric drive system for delivering that fully enhanced whatever we need to provide to our customers.

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