ANSYNC Award – 04/12/2020

Foldergo award 2020

ANSYNC Award – 04/12/2020

ANSYNC Award – 04/12/2020 980 551 FoldErGo

Exciting news! FoldErGo was just presented with the prestigious “Ready for Realization” award by California-based ANSYNC Labs – a multi-discipline engineering firm that specializes in product realization.

“ANSYNC chose FoldErGo among the 250+ applicants as they proposed a truly unique project with some interesting engineering challenges,” explains Tyler Clark, ANSYNC Finance and Business Operations Director.

Along with the award, ANSYNC gifted FoldErGo with a 3,000 USD work-voucher to assist us in overcoming any hurdle or perfecting a specific facet in our scooter design process. “Since the most important component for an e-scooter is its battery, it is here where we will spend our much-appreciated voucher. With ANSYNC’s expert assistance, our scooter will not only look cooler and more luxurious than the competition but will also perform on a much higher level!” exclaims George Cseh, CEO of FoldErGo.

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