Be smart. Invest in a scooter.

Foldergo scooter before tram

Be smart. Invest in a scooter.

Be smart. Invest in a scooter. 1024 727 FoldErGo

While it may be a blast to kick around town on a scooter – feeling the wind in your hair while your worries quickly melt away, there are a plethora of other compelling reasons to invest in one.

  • Health first! Just imagine gliding by the rows of cars stuck in traffic. Not only does this raise your spirits knowing that you dodge that frustrating feeling of standing still, but you also get a workout in during this otherwise wasted commute time. Needless to say, fresh air and sun gives an additional mental boost.
  1. Save money. Just imagine all the money you’ll save on gasoline or public transportation fare cards. You also get to skip the helpless feeling of watching these costs go up and up. Basically, the initial investment in a scooter easily pays for itself over time – and then some! Oh, did we mention you’ll also save money on therapy as scooting is a natural stress-reliever?
  2. Never be late again – to work, to the café, meeting your kids after school, going to the movies. Heck, you’ll also never miss your 8:03am train due to a bus that never arrived or rush hour traffic.
  3. Save time & hassle. Just hop on and go! No need to walk to your car, wait for the bus, walk to the office or home from the bus/train stop. To ensure for that extra level of practicality, FoldErGo folds down to a very compact size so once you reach the bus/train/car/office, just Fold ‘Er Up and Go! It fits nicely in a trunk of a car, under a desk, in a bus/train. Basically, wherever you go, you can take FoldErGo with you.
  4. Eco-friendly. Scooters basically let you have your cake and eat it too. They simplify your life, save you money, improve your health – AND give the environment a helping hand.

And the bonus when you invest in a FoldErGo? They are built to go the long haul so you can enjoy these benefits for years to come.