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Wheel 1000x675

Did you know?

Did you know? 1000 675 FoldErGo

The transportation industry in the middle of a full turnaround, especially for commuting! We started off with whole entire automobiles to transport one single person. We’ve then moved on to ride-sharing, encouraging folks to take others along for the ride by creating “fast lanes” on highways for 2-3 persons per vehicle. But in the last few years, micromobility is quickly stealing the spotlight.

Micromobility refers to small, lightweight vehicles mainly intended for individual use such as scooters, bikes, skateboards – both human and electric powered. This has since morphed a bit to include micro-electric cars, mobility scooters, e-golf carts, you name it!

Due to this incredible surge in popularity – with SCOOTERS LEADING THE CHARGE due to their versatility, cities around the world are not only taking note but encouraging the use of them. They are even building them into their urban mobility budgets overnight to create necessary infrastructure to support them.

According to studies, this rapid growth is expected to continue –  in the name of environmental preservation, personal health as well as social distancing.

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