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Discover your dream scooter

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Love the thought of hopping on a scooter but just can’t figure out which is best for you? With a few insider tips, learn exactly what to look for.

Commuting? A lightweight, portable scooter will suit you best. Get one that folds down small enough to easily carry onto the metro or bus, be thrown into the trunk of your car and slide under your desk at work. You’ll also want a high level of built-in safety, especially if you plan to use it year-round. This means low/wide anti-slip platformbig wheels with large volume for rolling over everything in your way, and front/rear disc brakes for strong stopping power with pinpoint modulation for navigating city traffic. These features will also ensure for comfort so you feel secure and invigorated when you arrive at your destination. Lastly, an e-Drive can get you to work without breaking a sweat!


For pleasure? You’ll want something with a low, stable platform and big wheels with large volume for broadening your playing field. You can not only hit higher speeds with “big wheels”, but they’ll more aptly handle uneven terrain – even hop curbs, if that’s your thing! Look for ones that are inflatable for nailing that perfect tire pressure. Overall light weight will further increase your riding fun – and help you catch more air when flying off curbs. Disc brakes are key for keeping it under control at all times so you can wake up the next morning and do it all over again.


Bonus feature: Removable e-Drive. This certainly increases the versatility of a scooter. Use the E-drive for those trips where you want to arrive sweat-free. OR remove the e-Drive and take your scooter out for a fun workout, or for breaking a healthy sweat while going from A to B.

No matter its intended use, your scooter must fit your body’s measurements. This means an adjustable handlebar stem so that the bar hits you at the hip to waist area when standing on the platform. The handlebar itself should be at least the width of your shoulders. These key factors will ensure for better control.

Above all else… Remember that you always get what you pay for. A high-quality scooter will last for years, so be sure to get one that’s durable and built to the highest of standards – like FoldErGo.