How Foldergo project came to life

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How Foldergo project came to life

How Foldergo project came to life 980 629 FoldErGo

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel” – as the saying goes. We, the founders at FoldErGo, have firmly believed in this sentiment for as long as we can remember. This is in fact how FoldErGo came to exist. We clearly saw a void in the alternative transportation industry, namely a viable solution for simple, carefree commuting that perfectly fits into busy lives in our modern world. So we set out to not only fill this void ourselves but to take it to that next level.

Our new and unique alternative transportation method must be incredibly safe, comfortable, versatile, and reliable. But most of all it has to inspire people to use it – to step away from the constant reliance on their automobiles, as well as other forms of transport where it is not possible to keep safe social distance. The ultimate goal set for FoldErGo was to improve people’s quality of lives, as well as that of the environment.

With much hard work, dedication and lots of tinkering and testing, we were able to tick off all our boxes to deliver a solid form of getting around that will not only deliver you safely to your destination but put a wide smile on your face in the process.

For CEO George Zsolt Cseh, nailing that feeling of being in control while going from A to B, as well as versatility, was of utmost importance. George exclaims,

 “Determined to combine the safe feeling of a bike with versatility of a scooter, I came up with FoldErGo. Now when I’m scooting around town, I feel as safe as if I were riding a bike. Once I get to the office, I simply fold ‘er up and tuck it under my desk.”

For our lead designer Mike Varga, it was all about creating a unique piece of functional moving art. Luxurious down to the smallest details.

“I’ve always loved everything that rolls on wheels and can be man-powered. So naturally, to come up with a fantastic scooter design that’s both really fun to ride yet very versatile and safe was right up my alley,” explains Mike. Adding, “I especially love that we could create a machine like this with optional e-drive that can be added or removed depending on a whim.”

Our lead engineer Peter Gula is right there with the other two founders.

“FoldErGo is a project where I get to use my engineering skills to bring our ideas to life, which I find incredibly rewarding. What we created in the end is a scooter that we can all be proud of, especially when people start incorporating them into their lives which is when the real magic happens! It is truly THE next generation scooter.”