The Future of E-scooters

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The Future of E-scooters

The Future of E-scooters 980 517 FoldErGo

E-scooters have steadily been taking over our streets all over the world. With 90 million e-scooter (shared) rides reported in 2019, it has already proven itself as a solid addition to the ever-growing alternative transportation industry.  But with any new technology, there is always room for improvement. In the case of e-scooters, the area of safety is top on the list, followed closely by their environmental footprint.


Help or hinder ?


On the bright side

This new method of commuting is steadily replacing other means of transportation thanks to its motorized power assistance which extends its reach – all without breaking a sweat. It is replacing cars and taxi rides that have gotten commuters directly to/from work as well as to/from shared transportation such as trains, metros and buses. It has even gone that one step further in replacing altogether the use of these alternative transportation methods – all which certainly helps to preserve our environment.  It’s even provided some reprieve to those who must walk long distances. The majority of these scooter trips have been on communal scooters which are rented at point A and returned at point B – both points are chosen by the renter, via a phone app.


The downfalls

With the rise of scooters, however, comes a long list of unplanned challenges. Most governments were not prepared for this sudden invasion of scooters, taking over their streets, sidewalks…you name it! There simply was no legislation in place, stating the do’s and dont’s of scooter riding. The two worst hit areas of this sudden chaotic situation were safety and parking (which is also a sub-area of safety). Most e-scooter users underestimate the dangers of this machine due to its small size and limited max speed.

As it requires significantly more balance and skill to navigate traffic compared to a bicycle, there is an inherent built-in danger in riding the average e-scooter. This is reflected in various studies that show up to 23% of e-scooter accidents involve a motor vehicle. 

An even larger percentage of accidents has been attributed directly to “user error”, meaning the user was unable to fully control the e-scooter. The most tricky situations for riders to successfully navigate are turns, uneven pavement, obstacles on the road and sudden diversions or stops.

And then there’s of course the countless e-scooter incidents when not in motion – while either attempting to lay it down somewhere when done with the ride, or when a passerby trips on it when it is haphazardly sprawled across the sidewalk.

The various flaws in e-scooter safety have certainly taken a toll on their supposedly green effect on commuting. In addition, rental scooters, which make up the majority of those being used for commuting, are built to have a lifespan of 1 to 2 years, but they end up in the trash much sooner due to abuse and accidents.


The solution


Don’t rent, own!

In order to ensure that e-scooter commuting is eco-friendly, invest in your own personal e-scooter. This will cut down on the logistics involved with rental scooters such as vans/trucks driving around to collect, charge, and park the rentals. It also saves on the need to continuously replace them. While contributing to the preservation of the ozone layer as well as raw materials, you’ll also have the added benefit of saving cash in the long run.


Not all e-scooters are equal

While the onus may be on governments to enforce stricter safety laws, some e-scooter companies have taken it upon themselves to step up for the riders’ safety by creatively designing their scooters to include built-in safety features.

FoldErGo is one such company leading the charge in ensuring for that ultimate level of rider safety and comfort. Their next-gen built-in safety features include:


  Oversized inflatable 16” wheels: smooths out bumps in the road, glides over small obstacles for optimal control and comfort.

  Low, anti-slip platform: Lowered center of gravity for better handling, especially when turning. Anti-slip platform ensures that your feet remain firmly in place to avoid any mishaps. Secure footing in all weather conditions.

  Full disc brakes: Reliable stopping power that can be easily modulated with fingertip control.

  Adjustable handlebar height: By personalizing its height to match your size and riding style, its handling is significantly improved.

  High maximum towing capacity (120 kg / 260 lbs): Sturdily built to handle you and your heavily loaded backpack.

  Meticulously engineered ergonomic geometry: Ensures optimal stability, spot-on steering and maneuverability.

  Safety folding latches: Specially designed to lock securely into place for full confidence while scooting.

  Built-in kickstand: Built-in safety for both the scooter and its rider.

  Owner-only operated: It is proven that shared scooters are treated with less care than those with a single owner. Less care means more damage, which exponentially increases chances for failure.


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